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When the ducks don't work, it's time to crank up the parrots.
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Marmite-flavoured mallardsTalk about anything... except boring things.  They're not allowed.
That's a lot of ducks....2waffleironhead / Stephen Brooks2014-06-26 00:26:10
Most popular site in history!!!5RGtx2014-05-21 19:05:07
Spam spam spam (physics spam)1Stephen Brooks2010-05-11 17:05:57
editable2tgkprog2009-09-24 11:21:24
This is still the best forum ever4Stephen Brooks / K`Tetch2009-03-04 22:14:29
Relevant to interests2AySz88 / Stephen Brooks2009-01-25 02:44:09
Somewhat More Sensible ThingsThe place to go for semi-intelligent discussion.
Big Bang Theory (TV show)2[DPC] Mr. Aldi2010-11-05 00:34:55
Plot of (parts of) the universe1Stephen Brooks2010-06-13 23:30:20
Smilie chart!43[TA]Assimilator12010-01-17 13:32:52
3RGtx / Stephen Brooks2009-09-17 22:49:25
Oil price speculation3Stephen Brooks2008-09-02 17:04:36
xp PORT - New Computer Gaming Initiative / Development Philosophy1tgkprog2008-07-03 15:13:09
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