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Mr.  Pedantic
2011-05-23 23:41:26
Just wondering, how often does the Muon1 client make disk accesses?  Does it load everything it needs into memory when it starts a new simulation, or does it periodically access the disk to stream data into memory as the simulation is running?

Also, on a completely unrelated note...on an 8-thread system, is it more efficient to run 1 client using all 8 threads, or 8 clients with 1 thread each?  Is it better to run with the same number of threads as can be run simultaneously, or more?
2011-05-24 17:49:42
From memory, it only accesses the disc when starting a simulation/finishing the previous one, and then when it does the autosaves.

There was some testing on the benchmark thread, and I think the end result was one client, 8 threads is better than 8x1thread
Stephen Brooks
2011-05-27 21:31:24
The auto-saves are every 4 minutes by default, so I guess that'd be the frequency of disk accesses (apart from simulation start).

In theory making 8 clients with 1 thread each squeezes more CPU usage out, but the benefits are marginal.  It also means each client "evolves" slower and takes longer before flushing results.  Setting "auto" threads is the recommended usage.
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