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2002-09-16 18:50:38
I think the result file has a bug somewhere because it doesn't list my highest muon percentage that I sent in yesterday.  It only lists the last highest before it.  It gives the right number of results, but doesn't seem to read the one I did that was higher than my last highest.  It says my highest is 2.597 and it should be 2.8 something.  I should say that it lists ok in the results.dat and results.txt when it was there before I uploaded it, but not in the result viewer.
Stephen Brooks
2002-09-17 03:55:57
I recently wrote a batch server for my home PC so that I can remotely access it from work (the machine doesn't actually have a inet IP address because it's behind a router so I had to improvise), so I tested it out on retrieving your results database file.

2.872546 (58612 particles) [v4.21b] {B75C17BC}

This is the very last result in the file.  I think it will show up when you upload another batch of results (it's quite easy to miss the last line while reading in a file).  Meanwhile I've also retrieved the code for the stats generator program so I can see if I can correct this bug.  Remotely-invoking the C compiler on that machine using this server-stuck-together-with-duck-tape should be an interesting challenge.  big grin

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