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2019-02-04 13:15:33
Hi Stephen, are you still around? 
It's really cool that this site is still up, but it looks as if it's breaking more and more on the edges (no pun intended).  I've no idea if more people would visit and play if the bugs were ironed out (ouch).  Of course half the current browsers are detected as mozilla and the other half as chrome, so it's not too attractive for "browser warriors" any more.  Otter than that (ok that's it now...) I hope you're fine and thanks for a looong time with this great game. 
2019-02-06 04:05:54
It's too quiet.  Most links still work, but Stephen seems to be gone.

The place itself has lost a bit of its chromatic shine, so I visit it once in a pale moon.

Maybe he'll fix it some day.  The Firefox icon is broken since ages.
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