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2004-08-06 08:20:40
I noticed that, after running for a while, the muon client uses a substantial amount of RAM (easily exceeding 200MB in the Windows Task Manager).  Is that normal behaviour or is there something I can do?  Is there an upper limit of memory usage (besides the obvious physical RAM limit)?  I looked at the results.txt and it was only 100kB, though the client used 130MB RAM.
2004-08-06 08:42:03
If the number of results has something to do with it, than you should check the size of results.dat, not .txt

However, I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with that, since I've never seen this.
Some time ago another user found that there was a memory leak which Stephen then fixed.

Are you using the latest version of the client?
2004-08-06 08:46:39
Yes, I am using the latest version.. my results.dat is only 22 MB, so nowhere near the RAM usage
2004-08-06 08:52:13
Oh, I just noticed: After a recent restart, the client has 27 minutes CPU time and is already using 57 MB RAM... I don't know if that means anything...
2004-08-06 08:56:48
I have noticed the memory usage also.  After a few days of running, mine will be using upwards of 1gig+ of my RAM.  I just end task on it and restart it if I feel it's grabbed too much.
2004-08-06 11:49:34
Using v4.41a with a 7.709kB results.dat, my client uses 34.624kB of RAM after 10:15 hours.

So I guess this does not happen with every client/configuration.
(I have a P3 933Mhz with WinXP Professional and the client running as a service using a tool some other DPAD user contributed.)
2004-08-08 23:33:52
28 hours CPU Time, 22 MB dat file and the client uses 125 MB.  That is on XP Pro (SP1), running the background client on a 1.8GHz P4.
Stephen Brooks
2004-08-09 04:10:52
The memory usage will be a few times the size of the results.dat file, since when it is loaded into memory it is "unpacked" somewhat.  However I think some of the figures here (the ones approaching 1G indicate some sort of real leak.  I can test for that before I release another version, though that might not be for a while as I'm studying the accuracy of the simulation right now (trying to improve it).
2004-08-09 11:46:48
I have the same problem - actually, I can watch it rise in the Task Manager by about 5k / second (it seems to exhibit this behavior without stopping).  Right now, it's taking up 130 megs.
2004-08-21 20:42:28
ya, ive noticed the same thing, however, my computer just died so im afraid that i cant give anymore details.
2004-08-25 05:08:01
Same here, it,s going up and up till all is used.
When i use my memory manager/cleaner , it wil go down to 14 Mb use .
In 1 minute time it went to 33 Mb and is stil going up.
2004-08-26 05:46:30
If it helps troubleshooting.  I just started muon last friday morning.  I've run 24/7 for 6 days so far with it except a restart for windows update and another proggie install.  My result.dat file is 4,766 kb and my memory usage is 73,112 k and I can watch it creap up 4k about every 5 seconds in the task manager.
At the finish of typing this post it's using 73,172.
2004-08-26 05:48:11
Oh sorry.  XP Pro.  SP1a. Dual Barton core processors.
2004-08-26 05:50:25
Another oopsy Red Face client 4.4. I'm in the stats under 'spldart'
2004-08-26 07:01:10
Consider registering Razz
2004-08-28 08:10:26
Originally posted by [DPC]Stephan202:
Consider registering Razz

Done Wink
2004-08-28 18:59:26
Heh!  I never bothered to add Mem Usage to Task Manager.

I'm using the v441b client.  Like the man said, memory usage rises at about 4KB per 3 second period.

52,788 K with 11:48:13 CPU Time.  Wink
2004-08-29 06:45:11
Does the memory usage reset at some point?

I awoke this morning and memory usage was under 49,000 K. It sent in the results and Task Manager says muon1.exe Mem Usage is 58,688 K, 23:25:50 CPU Time.  Smile
2004-08-29 14:05:50
It must, but I don't know when.  I enabled the "peak memory usage" column in WinXP task manager and it shows a peak of 47,437 kb but memory usage is only at 27,136 (and going up slowly).
Stephen Brooks
2004-09-01 06:52:03
Note that it will typically increase during a simulation, but then reset when it's finished, as the number of particles increases as they decay (and the dead ones are stored right now).

What would be worrying is if there was a leak between successive simulations.  I'm not sure if you can check that yourselves - I certainly have debug/tested for such a leak in the past and made sure it didn't happen for the settings I used.  That was a couple of minor versions ago.
[OCAU] badger
2004-09-08 16:34:09
hmm I am seeing nothing like this: I have 2 processes running on this machine:

process CPU time, Mem use Mem peak
1. 401:57:40 34,928k 53,240k
2. 402:07:48 33,920k 52,896k

I had problems with a previous version runing out of memeory after about 5 days, nothing here
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