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2004-10-19 00:07:11

I use Firefox 1.0

Every time I click on an arrow to drop a piece.  It goes into a different collumn.  Sometimes it does not drop at all.  Help!!
2004-10-19 01:45:12
It seems that firefox sometimes has problems on the site.  I'm using it at work and at home - at work I have some small problems (my name does not display left of my chat board messages) but at home everything ist fine.

I think it must be the plug ins... - maybe some of them cause these strange bugs...
2004-10-20 02:06:25
Here is a list of my plugins:

DOM Inspector 1.0

Image Zoom 0.1.7

SwitchProxy Tool 1.3

Web Developer 0.8

Dict 0.5.10

If somebody could tell me which one is causing my prolem please tell me.
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