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Browser Wars

Present within the last 10 minutes:   mozil,4,2,3,9   mozil,5,9   mozil,1,6   yahoo,11,10,2,index,9,4   mozil,2,1   mozil,7,9   mozil,4,3,10   mozil,12,3   mozil,8,7   mozil,4,5,3   mozil,7,2   mozil,9,1   mozil,7,3   mozil,6,7,10   mozil,11,7   unkno,10,8,2,5,12,7   mozil,5   mozil,12,7,index   mozil,8   mozil,12,2,11,6,index   mozil,11,3   mozil,4   mozil,6,1   mozil,3,8   mozil,1,4   mozil,10,11   mozil,12   googl,index   mozil,11,12   mozil,9   mozil,1,8   mozil,3   yahoo,7   mozil,6   mozil,6   mozil,5   mozil,6   mozil,6   mozil,12   mozil,11   googl,7   mozil,3   mozil,index   mozil,index   mozil,3   mozil,3,5   mozil,7,1   chrom,index

The winner was:


Another browser got there first!  You lose.
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