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Browser Wars

Present within the last 10 minutes:   mozil,5   mozil,1   mozil,3,12   mozil,3,2,12   mozil,2   mozil,3,11   mozil,10   mozil,10   mozil,8   mozil,4,6   mozil,10   mozil,2   mozil,4   mozil,4,10   mozil,1,9   mozil,4   mozil,7   mozil,10   mozil,11   mozil,3,1   mozil,10,8   yahoo,index   mozil,1   mozil,11   mozil,1,3,10   mozil,10   mozil,4,5   mozil,8   mozil,9   mozil,1   mozil,5   mozil,11,12   yahoo,index   mozil,5   mozil,8   mozil,11   mozil,2   mozil,4   unkno,12

The winner was:


Another browser got there first!  You lose.
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