From: "Stephen Brooks" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 3:57 AM
Subject: Either I've got better at web shopping or...

I just unearthed a spreadsheet where I was comparing prices of various
projectors in 2002, 2005 and today.  Supposing that my minimum spec is a
projector of 1024x768 resolution (XGA) and at least 1000 lumens...

In 2002 the best I could find was the Compaq iPAQ MP2810 for 2759 (ouch!)

In 2005 it was the Sanyo XW20 for 1195

In 2010 I found the Acer P1265 for 417
...and the Acer is 2400 lumens as opposed to 1100 for the other two.

At some point it's going to not be worth waiting any longer, though at the
moment I realise I don't have a screen or suitable flat surface to project
it onto (duh)


Date: 2010 February 10; Wednesday 04:16

Another data point... these projectors have a maximum field of view of 28.8 
degrees.  I measured my LCD screen and from here it has a FOV of 38.0 
degrees.  However, that's on a desk with just one person watching.  If you 
want many people to view it in a big room, it could work out the opposite 
way around.  The key thing is the "throw ratio" here.


When I span two screens I get a whopping 61.0 degrees but only horizontally.

Date: 2010 February 10; Wednesday 15:38

I've just realised that the above FOV calculations for projectors are the 
field of view as seen from where the projector is.  If you are sitting
further forward than that, the screen will look proportionately larger.
However, if you sit too far forward you will cast a shadow on the screen
(this is a reason why the best place for the projector is on the ceiling).