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The place for posting comments, questions, or feature suggestions about the Muon1 distributed computing project.
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General Project ForumDiscussion of anything vaguely related to the project.
COVID.SI2tomaz / Zerberus2020-06-16 13:46:01
Project status?5GrafZahl / Stephen Brooks2017-04-21 02:45:45
Homepage FUBAR.19Zerberus / Stephen Brooks2016-11-02 20:23:30
CERN Courier magazine edition on neutrinos1Stephen Brooks2016-08-12 18:37:35
T2K project in Japan2[TA]JonB / Stephen Brooks2016-07-21 17:30:40
Muon detection to be used at the Fukushima reactor site2[TA]JonB / tgkprog2015-02-21 20:15:20
Suspected Bug ReportsIf you have trouble with the program, please post here.
Stats seem to have stoped working28[OcUK]diogenese / Stephen Brooks2016-06-03 00:23:02
avoid downloading the servers.csv file3[DPC]white_panther / Stephen Brooks2015-03-11 17:57:37
problems with muon1.dyndns.org25[DPC]white_panther / Stephen Brooks2014-10-01 19:04:55
Commandline client hangs without error21Xanathorn / Stephen Brooks2014-09-07 01:18:10
Muon has stopped working - v4.466PDW / Stephen Brooks2014-04-30 18:24:46
Program Freezing or Crashing on Haswell/Win20125kcisobderf / Zerberus2013-12-29 01:01:07
New Users Q&AIf you are new to the project, ask questions here to get help from more experienced users.  See also the Muon1 FAQ.
No results.txt file...5Beerknurd / ganu2021-07-09 05:14:24
name merge105Grandmasg / Stephen Brooks2016-07-27 14:22:21
New to the project3UncleGregy / Stephen Brooks2014-04-02 03:43:57
Installation on Dual-Core Xeon - Dell PowerEdge 2950 III -Server 20086[KWSN] PhastPhred / K`Tetch2013-08-10 20:36:26
Pause background muon18GP500 / Zerberus2013-02-04 23:27:23
How does muon1 process work(units)10GP5002013-01-12 15:22:07
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