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2005-05-02 13:17:00
i find this project quite interesting and i have been trying it since yesterday.

But i have some problems:
--> i run muon.exe and not the background or the commandline version of muon because I think it more beautiful lol.
nevertheless, i think that the commandline version is faster...
So, i run muon.exe but it is running in fullscreen and i would like to do many others things when i'm running muon so how can I reduce the DOS window but not close and quit muon?

--> i am on a ladtop and when i'm running muon or any other grid computing program, my cpu is using at 100%.
On a desktop, it isn't a big problem but on a ladtop yes !
The temperature is increasing quickly and my ventilators become mad lol
So do you know any means to reduce or to block the cpu usage to a certain % ?

Thx a lot for the answers
(excuse my bad english: i'm fench)
2005-05-02 14:44:24
Hallo Zephir

You must stop muon1 and then start it in cmdline mode.  Click om cmdline and it will start in a dos window, but you can minimise it and run it in the taskbar.  If you will close it you can use task manager.

Hope it helps.

Lagu Smile
[DPC] White Panther
2005-05-02 15:37:08
to switch between muon1.exe full screen and other programmas use the "alt-tab" keys

the problem with the other..... i don't know
[DPC]TeamNWW - Huub
2005-05-03 01:09:56
About your second problem:

The only way i know is to use a tool to limit the amount of cpu-cycles used by Muon.  I only ever found one piece of software that does this.

I never used it myself, but i understand this works perfectly.  (i keep it bookmarked for a hot summer Smile )
2005-05-03 02:53:30
thank you for threadmaster, i will test it, i think it's what i was looking for.

i still have the first problem.
I know "alt tab" but it isn't what i search.
I search a way to keep the graphic version on my screen but not in full screen.  I just want to reduce the window, not necessary to put it on the systemstray.  I have tried "alt enter" keys but it seems have no effect...
2005-05-03 06:14:56
As far as I know, what you want is not possible.
2005-05-03 06:29:53
ok Frown
2005-05-05 04:37:34
The only time I run the graphical version is when I'm trying to recruit someone to run DPAD.  It shows graphically what I can only vaguely describe.  I stopped running DPAD on my laptop long ago.  Didn't like the fan running all the time, didn't like the super short battery life and it was burning my leg.
Stephen Brooks
2005-05-05 07:21:26
Oddly someone asked for a "CPU % throttle" feature that was going to go in way back in version 3.06 or something, but no-one else showed any interest at the time.  I was just recently thinking about it again and assumed that modern CPUs have thermal throttling built into them so won't overheat laptops.  Obviously I was wrong!

I can either build this into the next version as a config.txt option, or put a link to threadmaster under the download on the website...
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