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Stephen Brooks
2005-05-06 12:51:35
I'm currently in the process of adding the components to Muon1 that are required to model the muon cooling ring, previously referred to as what would be modelled in Muon1 "v5". I will hopefully get some results of the basic science behind this ring published at a conference in a couple of week's time.  I suppose I'm writing here because I just noticed the graphical output is quite impressive and thought it would appeal to the users.  So here is a preview:
2005-05-06 15:23:10
Looks great!  Any ETA?
2005-05-06 17:23:46
I'd rather have an optimized client, not graphics to slow it down, and a LINUX client would be more helpful Smile
Please :begs:
2005-05-08 09:16:10
I too would like to know the eta for the new build.  This is the first time in I have even visited the forums and I have been running the client for a few months now.  Does the current client have a built in update?  If not, will the background version somehow inform us there is an update?

Thank you
Stephen Brooks
2005-05-09 08:18:16
I've had some problems with the magnetic field data I was given, so had to cancel the paper.  Most of the necessary code has been added to the simulation now, though.

The client does come up with a message box after it sends results if there is an updated version available.

It could be out this Autumn (at least something should be out then), but I may have to actually manually fix some stuff in the cooling ring to get it even working, before we start optimising.
2005-05-11 07:19:25
Can I just say WOW Eek

About the updated version Alert
I did see it in 4.2x, 4.3x but not much in 4.4x
I recently updated from from 4.41e to 4.41f after several months without seeing any such version alert.

(I was aware of the newer version though from the website)
Stephen Brooks
2005-05-12 04:16:02
There should have been an alert for version 4.41f - the thing certainly reminds me when I'm running "4.41g" (version number made different so I can tell development results from the real ones) here and complains I should "upgrade" to the earlier version!
2005-05-23 07:36:19
Looking forward to the new version.

Plus, I have new wallpaper!
2005-06-14 10:27:48
Any updates on this project?
2005-11-12 10:04:14
Hey just seeing if there was anymore info about version 5. Or when it is expected to be released.
Stephen Brooks
2005-11-12 16:50:34
Next versions to be released are 4.43 and 4.44. They will include some worthwhile upgrades (already in the current source code), though just this week I've been taken away from my work on that by other things.  Once a meeting on Tuesday is out of the way I'll be able to go back to it.
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