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Michal Hajicek
2002-08-20 06:43:43
I run muon1 sim.  under Win2000 and tried to install muon1_background.exe as a service with FireDaemon Light 1.5 BRC2. But it doesn't work (service can't be started).  So please could anyone send me an explanation of how to run muon1 sim.  as a service using FireDaemon?
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-20 12:57:44
I've managed to get it sort-of working under Windows 2000, but the current version (4.21b) has trouble being run from Windows like this because Windows sets the current working directory to be something odd.  I've recently put something in the muon program to (hopefully) change the directory back to the one that contains the EXE.  This should appear in the next release (4.22).

Meanwhile, you may want to ask some of the others here if they've managed to get it working.  I think one or two people have found ways to make it work.  Otherwise, the best you can do is just make it a startup task.

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2002-08-20 13:21:49
I don't know FireDaemon, but with AppToService can you set the working-directory
if FireDaemon can't do this, then you can start the client indirectly with a batchfile or a VisualBasic-script - if you do this, muon will run fine, but you can't stop it

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Bluumi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-08-20 13:29:02
In my FireDaemon, it ask for a workingDirectory Entry ....

@Michal Hajicek
Should i copy my muon.xml for you?
I think it work

But i don't like to install FireDaemon or AptoService... i want just a REAL Service big grin
Michal Hajicek
2002-08-21 09:22:27
Good offer.  Please send it.
2002-12-27 04:28:16
If you're going to install with FireDaemon and there are some self build applications with timers on the machine, be sure to set the priority of the service to below normal or idle time.

I just found out the 'normal' setting could cause Access Violations in the functions NtDelayExecution, NtWaitForSingleObject and NtWaitForMultipleObjects.  Of course, the muon service was the last thing I expected to be the cause of the crashes.
2003-03-10 15:23:50
I've begun re-writing an install script that uses a service install wrapper for Seti.  It works on my machine, completely hidden and starts as a service.  If anyone is interested, post here and I'll see about finishing it and posting it here.


I'm having trouble with WinZip self extract running the install.bat file after decompressing in the designated folder.  Haven't figured it out yet.  Frown
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