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2005-07-02 14:50:04
is every thing ok?  Mr. Brooks's. can you merge me?
2005-08-02 14:10:06
hello how do you sighn up to this and how old do u have to be
Stephen Brooks
2005-08-03 03:48:29
Once you've downloaded the Muon1 archive and extracted it to a new folder, you can set your computer to run "Muon1_background.exe" on startup by adding a shortcut to it to your computer's "Startup" folder in the start menu.

The only "sign up" process is that you should create a file called "user.txt" in the Muon1 folder that has your username written in it on the first line.  That will be the name that your results will score to.

The Muon1.exe and Muon1_cmdline.bat programs run graphical and text versions of the simulation, whereas the _background one is invisible so can run while you're doing other things.

More information is available in the FAQ.

and how old do u have to be

There's not any age limit!  The whole thing runs automatically, there's not much you can do to mess it up, and I don't collect any personal information (other than your username, which can be anything), so young or old people are just as welcome to run it as everyone else.
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