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2005-07-08 13:59:32
Is it possible to run muon1 in a window so i can see it do neat things and still be able to work on other stuff?  thanks
2005-07-08 15:48:36
forgive my ignoranec, but doesn't it slow right down when windowed, because of the bottleneck in the graphical processing.  the structure of the app also doesn't apply itself well to being windowed in windows.  in graphical mode.

my understanding anyway
2005-07-08 20:31:47
it might run a little slower, but if i wanted to run as fast as possible ild do command line.  I just want it in a window so i can run minimized and look at it now and then.
2005-07-21 09:24:27
anyone please?
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-21 09:55:16
What I need is some Windows code that will figure out the visible region of a given window.  There are various routines (get update region, etc.) but they don't quite have what I need.

I almost had it with a program that enumerated the windows in front of a window in the Z order, but unfortunately I seem to get a lot of "fake" windows in those results, which aren't actually there.

Right now, I could compile Muon1 to run "in a window" but the graphics would be plotted on that window's region whether there was anything in front of it or not!
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