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David Bass
2002-08-20 10:10:41
Whilst many people are busy picking holes in the client(s) and statistics I would like to make a comment.  (And apologies to Stephen for talking about him as if he wasn't here.)

Some of the demands made in recent days on Stephen have perhaps been made in terms that are less than polite.

Whilst Stephen needs to keep people happy to keep them participating in the project, it's a two-way street - if people annoy him enough, he may decide to abandon the project, or start banning the irritants.

This will make the project less fun.  Please, folks, can we keep things polite, at least?
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-20 11:05:21
Don't worry, it all looks a lot prettier from THIS side of the "admin options" screen big grin (you know, the one with the "Delete Thread", "Delete User", "Delete Topic" buttons).

I also clear up some thread titles e.g. putting "Fixed" after a bug complaint's title if it is now resolved.  Otherwise new people will come to the forum, see all the complaints (even the ones I've fixed) and think "What a rubbish client" and go away.

As for "flames" or angry postings, I find it rather bizarre that people can get that emotive about a computer simulation.  If this project has upset you in some way, uninstall it and go do something you find more enjoyable.
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