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Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 03:20:03
[TA]z currently has 50.2% of the Mpts for the PhaseRotC optimisation.  How long will he continue to dominate?  Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 09:06:32
51.5% now.  fyi
2005-07-22 09:25:07
I've been testing at home and two systems that have run 4.41 without issue have stopped for unexplained reasons running 4.42 and 4.42b. I haven't rolled out the new version to the farm for that reason but if I can get through this weekend OK, maybe I'll roll it out next week.
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 10:24:37
It's slightly possible that the new versions require more RAM, though I wouldn't have thought that would be too significant.  Just a quick check: have you made sure you've got the 10GeV CSV dataset in your "datafiles" folder?  The patches on the website are only for upgrading from 4.42 or above to 4.42b.
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 14:16:15
( [TA]z = 54.3% of PhaseRotC )
2005-07-22 15:28:32

My soul is torn with the addition of bigS1 Frown
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 16:02:38
Right now it's not exactly hard to dominate in that, though (10 results returned so far, all of a few _hundred_ Mpts in total).
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-22 17:52:34
( [TA]z = 78.4% of PhaseRotC_bigS1 ) Red Face
2005-07-22 21:12:41
I think [TA]z works at NORAD and moonlights at NASA.  That's some insane number crunching power there.  hehe =P
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