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Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2005-07-23 13:48:08
Just was wondering why the tantulum rod was between the big S1 and inside S2?

Just was wondering if you could explain why S1 was behind the tantulum rod, such as the field of S1 concentrates the particles into S2.
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-23 13:50:22
The bigger S1 optimisation allows the initial S1 to be very long (from 0.8 up to 1.8m) and the rod Z position has been scaled accordingly so it can be 0 to 1.8m from the beginning of the channel.  This means that a combination of short (but big) S1 with rod at the maximum Z value will put it right inside S2... though I doubt this is a better design (be funny if it was though!).
Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2005-07-23 14:15:35
Thanks for the quick reply.  It was the first trial i had done and found it really wierd.
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