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2005-10-12 00:20:39
Any chance of an updated version of the cool pics displaying results ?
Are they called Fate plots or what ?

They are pretty cool for wallpapers.

2005-10-12 09:08:09
thats a size-yield graph - the colours give the result density

the fate plots are the ones that tell what happened to each of the particles, wrong way, reimpacted etc. (so called because they give the fate of the particles).

Theres a load in the technical documents - damned good reads too.
2005-10-12 23:23:44
Thanks, i ripped the size-yield graph in my post from one of Stephens powerpoints.

Would'nt it be nice to have a fresh graph every month to display the overall staus of the project ?
Stephen Brooks
2005-10-14 08:54:07
Up on the site at the moment are "test" graphs I did with only ~1000 results shown each.  The script is now set to run every Friday at 6pm, though it may take many hours to complete and count all the millions of results.  I don't know if it'll crash once I've gone home but hopefully the real ones will appear some time this weekend.

[edit] There they are.
2005-10-18 04:18:55
Excellent.  Thank's a lot.
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