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Bluumi [SwissTeam.NET]
2005-11-02 09:43:41
Hi, i let merge all results.txt and send it from one PC.  Now i add a task, that first add the results.txt to the central results.dat.  After some time, now the results.dat "in the middle" is 20MByte.  Is 20mbyte to big?  And ist it better to start a new Zero-results.dat?
Are the results that it produce better?  Is the client much slower?
2005-11-02 13:22:04
My results.dat is about 18mb, built up over the last few years (no samplefiles results in there, just my own)

Its slower to start up, yes, and might have a bit more ram usage, but with an empty results.dat you'll have no past results to work from.  thus you'll only be working from the samplefiles, which may or may not be so good, depending on your outlook.

Basically, just got to remember one thing - if everyone worked on the samplefiles with a daily update, the project yields wouldgrow, but only to a certain point.  it needs people both working with daily samplefiles updates, with occasional updates, and with no updates to give spread and depth.

Think of it as an ocean.  the people that run the samplefiles all the time are those that explore every deep crevace in the ocean.  Those that don't are usually the ones that find them in the first place.  Sure we spend a lot of time in the shallows, but if we only explore the first trough we find, how will we know if theres any deeper point?  (depth being yield)

either way, do as you wish.  it shouldn't make much difference either way, but either way is equally valid.
2005-11-03 00:24:15
Nice comparision with the ocean there.
I'll remember that one.
Stephen Brooks
2005-11-04 13:19:54
I imagine this is the sort of thing that happens when you watch the movie Abyss, followed by the Muon1 screensaver for two hours, while under the influence of a mind altering substance (in K'tetch's case, Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper).
Bluumi [SwissTeam.NET]
2005-11-04 15:21:24
oki.  if there is not really a problem with it, i'll run it.  big, bigger, and blasted.

Is there a prog i can use to sort my own results?  i don't want use a 60MB file Smile
Stephen Brooks
2005-11-04 16:12:33
I have a 47.9MB results.dat here.  Of course, Muon1 is taking up 140`280KB of RAM, so expect the RAM usage to be a bit under 3x the size of the results.dat file because Muon1 keeps it in a RAM-resident format.

Therefore you might want to stop your results.dat getting bigger at some point.
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