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KWSN Furry Mark
2005-12-01 15:58:11
Please can we have a new team:
The Knights Who Say Ni!
with the tag:

Thanks!  Cool

(Oh yes, the KWSN are finally here... Smile)
Stephen Brooks
2005-12-02 04:10:57
I will create the team for you, but I demand a shrubbery.
2005-12-09 11:25:58
New team request............

[Crunchers Inc]
2005-12-10 14:45:01
Pretty please with ducks on!!!  Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2005-12-13 07:22:54

The only problem with your team is that it appears to have no members.
le pup
2005-12-13 10:42:52
Didn't want to make it too easy for ya Big Grin

Never just me at the mo and I haven't returned stats as yet it seems.


2006-01-22 18:43:14
[Crunchers Inc] have arrived......well, just me at the moment Big Grin

Teamies are welcome Smile

Visit our board here
Stephen Brooks
2006-01-30 04:58:15
Link added to here[Crunchers%20Inc]
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