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2006-01-20 01:55:59
In another tread i read that Stephen is repping up a new version of our beautiful client... Nice...

A few questions rose to mind:
- can we see some speed improvements in this new version?
- is there a possibility of *Nix support in this new build (or will there ever be Wink)
- Any further updates on the project itself?  Whats the status etc etc

Just trying to get some more attention to this already great (and very easy to maintain) distributed computing project!

Stehpen, my compliments!
2006-01-21 03:51:18
Stephen, even if all stays the same
Linux support Pretty Pleaseee Smile
This will definately bring some more firepower.
I am aware of the Wine option, but it is not possible for some environments.

Just trying to get some more attention to this already great (and very easy to maintain) distributed computing project!

Gekkie you are not the only one Razz
2006-01-21 09:50:52
2006-01-21 13:21:47
Same here.  Preferably completey open source to allow the porting to other OS'es, like NetBSD.

I know that this will pose problems though.  I think Stephen doesn't want to open-source the checksum code.
2006-01-21 17:43:01
it was actually "semi-open" couple versions ago and Linux client was teh king speed vise due to gcc optimizations geared for spessific CPUs.  I'd love to see AMD64 and EM64T clients for Linux & Win.
I do not remember Stephen's reasons for going close-source.
2006-01-21 23:36:32
closed source reasons are generally for results integrity, same with most distributed projects

can't see much point in the 64bit optomised bits, as from what i recall from past convo's with stephen, the extra bit-tage wouldn't improve anything.

I've heard mention of speed incrases, of maybe 20%, and new lattices.
2006-01-22 06:05:44
Agreed on the possible reasons for closed source, but what about the engine itself?  Is it possible to have the engine open-source en thereby porting it not only to *nix, but also apple, *bsd's and others... Just make somepart of it closedsource (and thereby keeping the essentials closed) but open up some of the source so it can be ported.. Smile

I'm not the programmer here, but is that at all possible?  Would love to try this project on my other boxes (and finally) get my other (ex)teammates back on distributed computing with this hassle-free project!
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