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2006-01-23 02:02:02
Good morning.
I have muon1 instaled on approx.10 computers.  There are aprox.  15 computers in our office network.  We have win.  SBS server and win.  xp, 2000 and few NTs running on other machines.  Every machine has internet acces.  Problem is, that from time to time router get overloaded and internet conection broke (LAN works OK).  Admim says that about 10000+ conections get opened on router at once and then it gets overloaded.  Conections are opend by only one computer at time, but not the same computer every time.  It happens every 2 or 3 days so we must reset the router often...Is there any chance that muon1 could cause that problem?  Once, overloading was caused by machine without muon1 instaled...but it seems that such behaviour started about the time when I installed muon a month ago.  They asked me to dissable muon1 on all machines, so we can see if it is the cause, but I hate to do this if it is not neccessary (I can't do it via LAN)...All muons are running in background mode with autosend on.
Thank you.
Stephen Brooks
2006-01-30 04:50:31
It's possible this is another problem with the Windows FTP client (which Muon1 uses in order to send results).  There are retry loops in Muon1 but these only go for about 10 times before giving up.
2006-03-23 12:38:52
It must be.  No problems for last 2 months since I dissabled all Muon1 comunication.  I now manualy collect results.txt files (I have to reduce the number of computers runing Muon for this reason) and manualsend them from one computer from time to time.
2006-03-24 19:23:45
I know it's a bit tedious, but this works great for me.  I have several machines setup on our network with Muon1 installed in the SharedDocs folder.  I set the share name to v442c on each machine then I run a script like this.

It will collect the results.txt file from each machine listed and combine them into a file.
Saves me a lot of time from having to manually collect the info from each machine!

Hope this is useful!

File : getnew.bat

if exist goto e1
del *.txt

if not exist \\\v442c\results.txt goto s1
copy \\\v442c\results.txt results.1.1.txt
del \\\v442c\results.txt

if not exist \\\v442c\results.txt goto s2
copy \\\v442c\results.txt results.1.2.txt
del \\\v442c\results.txt

if not exist \\\v442c\results.txt goto s98
copy \\\v442c\results.txt results.1.3.txt
del \\\v442c\results.txt

copy *.txt
goto end

echo " already exists"

Stephen Brooks
2006-03-25 07:41:37
By the way, you do know you can change the FTP command call in config.txt if you have installed another scriptable FTP client that can take the script file Muon1 generates?
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