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Stephen Brooks
2006-03-24 13:00:40
The stats are down AGAIN.  I don't know quite what's with it lately other than my recent code reshuffle.  I'll probably go into there tomorrow (Saturday) and have a look at it.  Today didn't prove too productive anyhow...
2006-03-24 13:45:53
do you get payed for the overtime Big Grin
2006-03-25 05:38:38
Wish you luck tracking it down.
Stephen Brooks
2006-03-25 07:33:43
Well for once the outage wasn't due to my coding per se: in fact it looked as if the Task Scheduler service had been switched off, which was a bit odd.  The only thing I can think of that could have done that is a Windows installation that didn't terminate properly (I have been installing and uninstalling a few things recently).  Anyway, basically once I knew that one click fixed it and the stats should be up in a couple hours once it's counted through the backlog.

I actually quite like coming in on the weekends for a number of reasons: 1. no interrupations; 2. I can come in, do exactly the one thing I intended to do and then leave; 3. I get a parking space that's inside the site fence and so don't have to walk down about 1/4 mile of corridors to get here!

I don't claim overtime but if I ever spend a whole 8 hours in here over a weekend that'll mean I can claim a weekday off in lieu.  (The last time that happened was when I was rushing to finish a report and ended up here at 4am.)
2006-03-25 09:36:42


2006-03-28 05:58:54
20060328-093011 617 results sent to from a quad p4 ht

By my calculations, about 150k worth of points.

Seems to have choked the stats system as it's now 6 hours since there has been an update to my contribution.

I am now officially scared as I have dumps worth some millions to upload (say >10mb).  Pls tell me that everything's OK.  Smile

Most of my farms are online & dump automatically & it is rare that an hour passes without an update.  6 hours has me freaking!
Stephen Brooks
2006-03-28 07:25:49
Everything else seems to be OK - carry on sending stuff, it might just be that has had problems and the results will come off it once it's fixed.
2006-03-30 03:43:51
I think those 617 results have vanished (or gone to GOD ). 

It looks as though results are added to results.dat as they are completed, so I am going to guess which 1,527kb chunk of data that is, extract it to a results.txt file and resend it.

Should I do this?  Will any duplicates be removed at a later stage?
Stephen Brooks
2006-03-30 12:19:10
I found out yesterday there were serious problems in the stats generator on the 28/29th, which I've now fixed - so send all your results out of results.dat from the last three days again.  What you say is correct and you can use manualsend after taking that chunk out and calling it results.txt.
2006-03-31 17:19:16
Thanks for that.  The results have been resent along with another 11,000 new ones!  Smile

I think we have broken the stats again though. 
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