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2006-03-30 10:27:20
Hi, Stephen!
The member of our command is listed three times: oleg25 (russia), oleg25 (russia) and OLEG25(Russia). Can you merge this accounts in OLEG25 (Russia)?
Thank you.
Stephen Brooks
2006-03-30 12:22:32
OK, I think those are done now.  Should appear in a few hours.
2006-03-30 19:15:12
Hi, Stephen!
Thanks for the help, but rename oleg25 (russia) in OLEG25 (Russia), please.
2006-04-01 03:25:31
Hi, Stephen!
Answer me about my preceding request (rename oleg25 (russia) in OLEG25 (Russia)), because man is waiting with new results, pls.

PS I`ve another request Smile
2006-04-02 03:11:35
Hi, Stephen!
Do not rename oleg25 (russia), he is agrees with this account Razz
But we think about another request Wink
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-03 03:36:02
Capitalisation doesn't matter with these names, they'll go to the same place.  I could try making it *appear* as capitals in the stats though?
2006-04-09 03:05:57
Hello, it`s me again Wink
I`m sorry, but we have a little trouble with oleg25. He was made a mistake and now his account is written together: oleg25(Russia).  I can`t find him, so I`ll write you when he will correct a mistake.  Frown
And one more request.  Member of our team ask you to merge his accounts -  The best (Russia) travel company., and DHara(Russia) into Welcome to (Russia) with
Thanks for your help and excuse me for my bad English.
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