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2006-04-05 00:33:00
I have been getting less and less credit for uploads over the last few days.  Last night I uploaded 8 boxen at home on ADSL each results.txt file over 1.5meg and get 100k credit.

If there is something wrong with the way dpad is running on my offline boxen I need to know.  If it is the stats servers I would like my credit.
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-05 03:25:46
Well I was looking into this over the last day or so.  If anything, your results are being rejected as being "duplicates" of ones already in your file.  The checksum checking part of the stats generator seems fine now.  I've tried to debug the duplicate part but so far have only found examples of files being duplicated by being uploaded to more than one FTP server, in which case one copy comes through OK anyway.

I can see that there is something odd going on though, because the rate graph for DecayRot has dropped way down over the last few days (though not DecayRotA).

Maybe if you e-mailed me one of your uploads, I could try sending it myself and check if all the individual results actually get through the entire system.  The only remaining possibility that would not check is that one of the stats servers has gone "bad" and is accepting uploads but not letting me download.  If you show me your sendlog file, I'll see if I can check out downloadability from the servers in there.

It would be good to get this stuff sorted out as I know it annoys everyone when the stats are inconsistent.  This error is probably something that's "obvious" when I know where to look but I must be looking in the wrong places so far...
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-05 06:33:04
I've just found your results, plus about 100MB of results that also hadn't come through.

They were in Australia.
2006-04-05 06:42:32
Yeah sorry I was hogging them all to my self!  Razz
2006-04-05 07:47:13
Is that were all my results are going....
2006-04-05 08:58:25
I also uploaded results I expected to be over 1.5million in points a couple of days ago but only received approx 300K... when can we expect to see these lost results appear in the stats?
2006-04-05 12:07:53
Away with you they are all mine I tell you.  Smile

Thanks for looking into this Stephen.

It;s in their nature you know, Aussies all descended from convicts.  Wink
2006-04-05 12:16:26
no chance fozzie at least 7mb are mine..... Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-06 09:34:02
The time zone difference is meaning he is asleep while I'm active and vice versa, but we're working this one out.  At worst, we'll have to remove his server from the official list (if it turns out it can't contact it), and I'll do a download onto my server, from which the stats machine can retrieve the trapped results.
2006-04-06 11:30:32
Yep, little something stuck today around 3 pm GMT down under... Confused
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-06 16:02:50
I've moved the results logjam onto my server, see if the stats machine can get it from there.  We're trying to figure out if it was a problem with his server or the FTP client I decided to use getting freaked by seeing >1000 files to download in one folder.
2006-04-06 19:13:16
Stephen and I have transfered all old files to him and his stats should have fun processing about 110MB worth of results.

His stats collector has not connected again to my ftp server so I'm not sure if its not working with a small directory list.  Though it is growing fairly quickly.

We will get something working.
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-07 03:01:30
I think the results have come through and been counted now.
2006-04-07 04:25:37
Thanks to everyone who has worked to find all the missing results.

Top job guys.
2006-04-25 00:01:35
Yesterday afternoon I uploded a 45Mb stats file and I only got 900 something stats.  Surely that can't be right.

Between 14-17Mb might be dupes from my last upload but I harvested a 24Mb result file from a non networked computer that I had clean installed the latest client on.

This isnt the first time I don't seem to get anything out of a several Mb (10+) big results files, if you leave your dual cpu servers to crunch for a few weeks and 900 is all you are going to get out of it whats teh point in continuing......sigh
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-26 02:50:22
I had a look at your log file and certainly something odd seems to have gone on, with one repeated upload getting counted three times and a recent large upload getting rejected entirely.  I've got it to re-index what's there, to see if that helps.
2006-04-27 14:31:00
Stephen, how long will this take?

Just wondering ig it would be worth to resubmit the results again....
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-28 03:58:50
You can try submitting them again now, and it will redo the counting, though I'm not so sure if that was the problem.
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