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2006-04-06 13:38:57
Do my results upload automaticly or do I have to upload them manually.

How does one join a team.

When does one appear in the stats.
2006-04-06 13:57:31
- your results wil automaticly upload if the results.txt is 100K (if you have set this in the config.txt file) if the results.txt is 10K you can manual upload then.

- you can join a team by setting the user name to [team name] your own name so for me it is [DPC]white_panther

- you will appear in the stats 1 or 2 hours after you sent anny results
2006-04-06 14:15:19
I have a results dat file.  is that the one you are talking about or is it the results text file.

the dat file has 1,439kb in it and the results file has 9k in it.
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-06 16:03:46
That means your results.txt must have already been sent quite a few times.
2006-04-06 17:00:47
if he set autosend in the config file Cool

never mind the txt file is smaller than the dat file
2006-04-07 04:49:07
The answer is in the Sendlog file.  It will tell you when and how many results were sent.
2006-04-08 07:42:55
And another newby question.  How do I stop this when I need to shut the computers down.
2006-04-08 12:09:52
It will shutdown the client just fine during a normal shutdown.  During regular work, if you are using the Background version, you can just shut it down in Task Manager.

If you use the Command Line version, just close the window. 

There is no pause feature as far as I've found.

But, if you've set it to the lowest priority in the config.txt file, then it just doesn't seem to affect anything.
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