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2006-04-09 06:49:21
are all the results from this server lost?
because i send the last week over 800 results to this server.

do we all need to resend the results or is there already being an backup plan
2006-04-09 16:09:39
also why did my results go to instead of being sent to
2006-04-09 17:57:08
if your looking at the server.cvs file, there are several servers in, so stephen's server hasn't do al the datatrafic, i'm running also an server for him.  he collects every hour all the files from the servers and put them together.
Stephen Brooks
2006-04-10 08:29:39
They're not lost, just cached on that server because I can't seem to download off it.  We tried to sort it out before, but now it's off the list of servers to upload to.  I'm trying to get the remainder of the results off there using another FTP program now.
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