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Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 00:54:40
In a very preliminary way, I think I've got the forums working again.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 00:57:53
Some of the threads are in the wrong place, mind you.  I need to write an admin function so I can move stuff around.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 01:01:26
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 01:01:32
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 01:02:03
Repeated post test.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 01:02:15
Seems to work.
2006-05-20 01:09:51
replying post test

2006-05-20 22:14:32
It is a final variant?
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-20 22:47:36
I beg your pardon? 
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 11:49:50
Testing from IE, which didn't like self-closing textarea tags.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 23:30:59
this is without <html>
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 23:31:11
Err, right.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 23:32:08
This is glorious <HTML>
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 23:32:18
This is <no HTML> again
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-22 00:43:06
Timing test
Stephen Brooks
2006-06-06 11:29:34

Incidentally, I've had a few requests for an edit feature, so I'm going to try and at least put one in that allows you 10 minutes after you post to correct typos and so on.
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