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2006-05-21 03:19:29
I'm still problems, see my "yes" Thread for a good exmaple (then you can remove it)

If you can tell me if this is a problem on my end, or a probem that's still to be fixed, that would be good too.  Thanks
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 11:52:48
Yeah, sorry didn't test it in IE!  This afternoon I'll have to write a delete-post admin feature because currently I can only delete entire threads.
2006-05-21 15:04:21
In Firefox I can't seem to get the Muon1 page to show correctly anymore since I logged into the forums.  Now it seems to read my username from the cookie and display that as a searched user in the field on the right of the screen and shows me with 19 other users (20 in total).  But the screen shots, progress graphs, links to downloads and forums don't show.  I can probably fix this by deleting the cookies relevant to this site but figured you'd like to know.  Not sure if this is a bug just relevant to Firefox or not, but just to keep my life simpler I'm not going to let IE save my username & password so that I can keep one browser going okay til you can get back on your feet again.  Nice work on the HTTP upload modification!!  That's an excellent addition to Muon.  Love it. 
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 16:22:50
OMG, you're right.  It does it with Opera too.  I wasn't going to get into integrating Muon1 stats with the forums until much later but it seems to be trying to do it by itself
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 16:36:23
I think that's now fixed by me renaming the variable on that page from "user" to "searchuser".
2006-05-21 21:02:02
Thanks for fixing forums, had posted something into "Suspected bug reports", have you seen it?

Had some problems with text formatting, too.

[OCAU] badger
2006-05-22 01:33:45
Hmm, been away for a little while, and things are really strange...

I tried to log in, and it told me my password "wasn't on record" then let me enter it again to confirm.  Seems like I could log on as anyone, resetting their password (as long as they hadn't already reset it like I just did)

also I can't seem to find any of my posts... I was trying to find the benchmarking with mpts thread to record a new machine I am borrowing for a while...

(its a mobile PIII at 995MhZ and got just under 56kpts/sec with muonbench)
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-22 23:00:57
The webhost just had a power-cut but now it's back up again, so this forum would have been down for about 6 hours just now.

I couldn't quite figure out Infopop's old database, so some posts have arrived in the wrong threads, but I have a feeling the posts are somewhere because all of the user post-counts appear to be the same (yours is 90 for instance).

One thing this forum lacks is the ability to see beyond the first 50 posts in a thread or the latest 50 threads in a forum though(!) But I'll get to fixing that soon.
2006-05-24 07:49:10
How can I do a search over the threads?  I'm looking behind the description of the different trialtypes, it was in a thread I'm sure.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-24 12:36:39
I'm going to try and get the threads reconstructed properly before doing a search function.  Right now, you might find one with the right title, but it could have something different under it!
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-27 01:33:34
I think most of the posts are back in their right threads now.
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