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2006-05-21 03:20:43
I've got a request.  I'd like to have "light and perspective" modified lightly.  Stephen has added in the screenshot ability, i'd like to have a modified version for my own use.  I know how to make the changes, but since it's been 8 years since i used C, i dont have a Compiler, or even know where to get one.

Quite simply i'd like a version that calls
At the end of the creation of every picture, rather than waiting for
char str[100];

if anyone could compile that, i'd be most gracious.  Post a reply if your willing.  Thank You.

2006-05-21 15:41:16
Looks like me and the forums were tired last night.

1) the topic should read "custom program modification", there is no customer involved here

2) Not sure why it's not showing the right line breaks, sorry bout that.
2006-05-22 07:03:05
I made the changes and tried a freware compiler i found, but i obviously dont know what i'm doing with the compiler.

Can anyone maybe just tell me how to use a compiler properly?  or where to find a good one?

I feel like a newb
2007-03-11 00:07:53
it's been a year, and still nobody cares

Since i have my own board now, i've taken to trying to get someone there to care.  Hopefully have this soon
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