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2006-05-21 03:39:07
If your talking about "Spacial" dimensions, this is not possible.  Your computer screen is 2 dimensions.  3D games arn't even really showing 3 dimensions, it's only through movement and "asumtive thinking" that you see 3 dimensions.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-21 22:58:27
Yes, but where is the rest of this thread?
2006-05-22 06:39:18
Sorry, it's about 5 threads down, started by Austin Spafford back in 2003. I didn't notice the date before i reply'd, and as to why it ended up in a new thread, i think that's a product of the "fixed but not fixed for IE" time we went through
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-23 05:16:39
It seems that many of the posts here have become detached from their threads and are in the wrong ones anyway.  I still have the original infopop database and if I ever get time I'll try and repair it.
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