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2006-05-22 23:06:48
on my shoulder, and it keeps saying "faaarrrk - I need a cracker!" |B- (My head has been squished!)

This forum is awesome!  I love it. 
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-22 23:14:47
Yes, but it looks like I need to add more smiley codes.  What's that meant to be a pirate or something? 
2006-05-23 00:51:00
Feck - it's really easy to make a booboo ... sorry - I refreshed the forum page and it reposted
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-23 00:59:42
I do have a thing that's meant to stop double-posting in threads, but perhaps I've not got it to prevent double posts *of* threads.
2006-05-23 05:02:17
where are the smilies, ik can't see them

Stephen Brooks
2007-07-27 15:27:17
Test post
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-27 15:27:30
OK, seems I'm not 4 hours in the future after all.
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 20:16:39
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 20:16:44
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 20:18:13
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 20:18:29
There we are.
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