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2006-05-24 04:26:12
I was just curious if there were plans for an auto-update capability for Muon.  Not sure if it's something out of the simple range or not but thought that I would ask.
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-24 18:41:37
I've had a few requests for this.  It's not impossible, but will have to wait at least a few months.  It's probably in my to-do list for a future version.
2006-05-25 05:36:53
One of the things that I began to wonder about was the ability to integrate an Auto-Update feature that could be setup that wouldn't end up messing with non-admin accounts and firewall software that would block (re-ask about) the new muon1.exe, and that got me thinking about a DLL.  What if most if not all the functions of Muon1.exe were ported into a DLL and then Muon1.exe just basically told the DLL to start doing its thing.  Then if there were any updates for muon it could be the DLL that was replaced and not the exe file.  That way the firewalls wouldn't be asking for a new permission for the updated program.  I am not sure if I'm misunderstanding the relationship between exe & dll file abilities but if what I'm trying to explain is right then I would think that it would be helpful in making a more seamless integration for an autoupdate ability.  If I'm wrong then I'll go pound sand.  ;-P
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