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Stephen Brooks
2006-05-29 20:07:19
It's irritating because I went in on Saturday, tried to restart the stats, but turned out that Windows had got hopelessly confused and needed the actual computer restarted to be able to use FTP again.  They're running again now.  I can only assume the only reason no-one's complained on here is that you're all on holiday over this long weekend.
2006-05-29 22:42:27
damn stephen, you get me on smoking again, as a stats junk, i need fresh stats every day

(ps, i still can't see anny smilies to select from)
(windows, IE 6.0)
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-30 00:23:32
--[(ps, i still can't see anny smilies to select from)]--

Why should I provide a list?  And even if I did provide a list, how would you know it was complete? 
2006-05-30 10:31:25
;( :bigdumbgrin: :razz:

I've been waiting f_o_u_r l_o_n_g d_a_y_s for stats - I'd assumed you had gone to a bucks party or something equally wild & had forgotten the statless suffering plebs that didn't get a long weekend!

Perhaps you could alleviate the issue a bit by scheduling the server to restart every 12 hours (or however long it stays up at a minimum). has a tool 'psshutdown' that can be used to restart a windows box.

Just a thought
2006-05-30 10:39:19
btw - how do you edit a post ???
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-30 12:24:27
I didn't say just because you haven't complained before, complain now. 

A regular restart might be handy, but in this case I was also running a long batch job on the system which needed it to stay up while I wasn't there.

Edit a post?  I've not put that feature in yet, though plan on something of the sort later.  Right now I suggest you put draft/test posts in "marmite-flavoured mallards".
2006-05-30 13:35:31
The regular restart works for me when I have a fragile, single purpose box that I am too busy/lazy to actually fix.  You can always disable a scheduled task for a long job.

Oh, have you noticed the stats are broken? 
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