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2006-05-30 15:28:39
I think i have set everything up correctly although am still a little confused about the whole project so please excuse me if i am doing something wrong here.  I read a couple of threads and I think i'm meant to post here requesting a new team.  Could i have the team: XtremeSystems added please with [XS] as the tag.  We already run a few DC projects and i thought we need a team here too.  P.S. if i have done something wrong say so don't just flame me too hell TIA
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-30 15:43:39
OK, done that.  Your team should appear when someone with the [XS] tag uploads some results.
2006-05-30 15:49:01
Many thanks for the speedy reply and work.  I have altered the config.txt file's upload options too:
Auto-send results ([Y]es, [N]o): Y
Will it now upload work itself now?  or is there something else i have to do to get it too upload?  TIA
Stephen Brooks
2006-05-30 17:06:07
Yes, it does it when it accumulates 100KB of unsent results in the file results.txt.  You can also use manualsend.bat to send before that.
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