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2006-06-06 15:19:29
1. I launch config_nonet.bat and see:

Muon1 started: configuring...
Applying predefined configuration settings...
Configuration set for [b]always-online computer[/b]

And with -cfg:net key I see:
[b]for seldom-online computer[/b]

2. I can`t use v4.43 client by service (I use instsrv, srvany and "muon1.exe -b" for that), because it allways overwrite priority to Low from Background in config.txt.
But runnig muon1_background.exe from Autostart don`t chahge in config anything.
Shortcut in Autostart look so strange for users and they are killing it sometime ;(
I have not such troubles with v4.42c, but his time is gone.

PS I should improve my English, why I did not learn it at school well?
Stephen Brooks
2006-06-07 18:09:41
(1) turned out to be a simple bug in the configuration module, which I now have corrected in the development source.  Haven't had time to work through the -b bug yet.
2006-06-08 12:46:51
I shall wait for the decision of a problem with impatience.
2006-06-10 04:37:59
Hmmm... I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem.  I have tried editing the config.txt, changed it to B, saved the txt file, go back & check after a few simulations & it's back @ L... it's starting to interfere with my other crunchings...
I too shall await the resolution of this bug before I turn Muon back on again...
2006-06-10 05:34:38

In the 4.42c version Muon has changed config after autosaving if I run him from Autostart.
Stephen Brooks
2006-06-10 23:49:59
Can't replicate this bug, or at least, the config.txt file stays with "B" in it when I run muon in background mode.  Does it always take several simulations before it gets changed?
2006-06-11 03:13:09
I was running Muon 4.4.3 is the Scree Saver mode on 5 computers.  I had used WordPad to edit, then, save.  After a day or so, I go back to check on the config.txt & it's been changed back to run on Low (L)... mystery...
2006-06-11 08:42:21
1. Unrar archive.
2. Add lattice.
3. Add muon as service with key d:\Distributed\Muon\v443c\muon1.exe -b.
4. Run muon1.exe -cfg:net )) and manual change priority to B.
5. Start service.
6. Look at config.txt and see - all keys has changed to online-computer and priority L (

What I do wrong? 

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