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Stephen Brooks
2006-07-05 20:36:22
The Muon1 page is offline now, though I hope to get the rawstats/simplestats.txt that everyone relies on back up soon.  My webhost said there was a problem and something in there was taking up 80% of the server CPU, but they haven't yet been specific about which script it was.  It sounds like there is a bug in one of them (infinite loop) as they say the load was continuous.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-06 19:50:57
I'm hoping to include a link to someone else's stats while the webhost has deactivated PHP on my own Muon1 directory.  Any suggestions?
2006-07-06 21:00:27
2006-07-06 23:28:45 is also a good one
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-07 19:28:48
Couldn't FTP the site from work, but I've added the link now.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-07 20:08:43
And now I've had a reply from my webhost saying it might have been an intermittant error or at their end, so I've put most of the site back again.  I lost teamids.txt on the way, though, so if anyone has a recent copy of that, it would be helpful (otherwise I'll just have to recreate teams as necessary).

rawstats.txt doesn't seem to want to upload from the datacenter though simplestats.txt seems OK.  Not sure why that is.
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