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Stephen Brooks
2006-09-15 11:44:47
I also received
2006-Aug-16 11:24:33 ftp\\v4.4x\20060816-081232-TbjhK-TOMAZ.bin 376344
...for instance.  But there's no record of anything else happening to that file, and it's not here any more, so I'll make the generator re-count all your files.  Other users seem to be receiving results OK right now.
2006-09-18 12:58:26
"But there's no record of anything else happening to that file, and it's not here any more"

It is lost in other words ?
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-18 16:14:18
Unless you got a recent increase in your score due to me recounting it, yes.  I'd recommend you keep a backup of results.txt before you send for a while, to make sure no more get lost.  Hopefully the current build of the stats generator is a bit more reliable.
2006-09-18 20:46:16
But where can a file go ?  How do you collect files for your analisys ?
Unfortunately I didn't record Mpts score but number of results only.  It's the same for two monts, but time since last results send reset from time to time.
I have backup of all txt files I sent so I can send them again.  Is everything OK now or should I wait a bit more ? 
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-19 11:26:37
Try sending the files that didn't show up in the statistics again.
2006-09-22 07:19:49
20060920-061112 2067 results sent to

I did send one file two days ago but it seems that it dissapired too.
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-22 10:39:36
I certainly logged downloading it:

2006-Sep-20 08:16:41 ftp\\v4.4x\20060920-061112-Jnt2f-TOMAZ.bin 658728

...but your stats counting log shows no change.  Maybe your muon1 client is producing corrupt files.  If you could send me a .bin file it has generated by e-mail, that would help.
2006-09-22 12:25:04
How can I get .bin file ?  It is automaticaly deleted after sending.  Would be emailing of .txt of any help ?
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-22 16:03:41
You could actually upload a .txt file to the servers and see if that behaves differently.
2006-09-26 12:32:01
Everything is OK after all !
Now I use version 4.43d for manual send and it is OK.  Before I used 4.42 and 4.43c and results were dissapearing.  I should think of it before...
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