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2006-07-19 17:24:55
I've been hearing a bit about these new physics cards that are out and was wondering if Muon would benefit from one.  The name itself seems to imply that it would, but I'm guessing that some additional code would have to be added in order for Muon to see and/or use it.  I'm usually pretty quick about buying new types of computer hardware and am sure I'll have one of these in the next month or so when another game or two adds support for them.  (I've also heard that Microsoft Vista will have support for them for the new 3D desktop feature so that is just one more reason I'll pick one up.)
2006-07-19 17:26:03
grr, sorry for the double post.  I hit F5 to refresh and see if there were any replies and it ended up posting it twice.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-19 17:37:27
I've been looking with some interest at pixel/vertex shaders development.  The main thing that is stopping these being useful for real physics (as opposed to game physics) is the highest floating point precision that is supported tends to be 32bit.  I'm much happier using 64bit for this sort of thing, though older colleagues say they've managed (with care) to make simulations that produce correct results using only 32bit floats.

I think "physics cards" may be similar but have built-in functions for collision detection etc, which is maybe less of a thing with Muon1 (though it does have a form of collision detection, just not between triangular polygons!).
2006-07-21 15:44:22
So theoretically, if you were able to get pixel/vertex shader to work correctly, then running the graphical version would be faster then?  If that's the case then my SLI system should do pretty well.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-21 16:15:44
Running any version would be faster.  The graphics, I guess, could be made to work in D3D, which would probably make them a bit faster, but since most people don't use graphics mode for regualr crunching it's less important (and I want people with just onboard graphics to be able to run this too!).
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