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2006-08-17 07:23:20
Just something informative since it's so quiet in here . I have upped the maximum filesize of results.txt which one can upload to my server to 20 megabyte, since I noticed yesterday someone tried to upload a big file and the upload was capped at 8 megabyte (php checks the filesize after posting so I didn't notice before).  I won't up it any further though to prevent data loss because of a connection failure.  Even if u have got a 100 megabyte results file for upload is fine with me, u just have to cut it in a few pieces .

And to 'kitsura' if you're reading this: One of your boxes is somehow misconfigured.  The ftp uploads are all rogue results since your client tries to upload the testfile into /muon1/v4.4x/ and download the signal.dat and testfile from the same directory, but it has to be from the parent directory.  I have excluded an error on my part since all other ftp results from other users (passive and active) are uploaded fine.  I got the IP address of the rogue box if u want to troubleshoot it.  U might want to try http uploads instead of ftp.
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