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Stephen Brooks
2006-08-20 01:13:51
As those of you who have been checking the UK Neutrino Factory website calendar will suspect, I will be at NuFact'06 for a week and a half, my flight leaving tomorrow.  Stats will be at risk but fixed when I get back etc. etc.
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-20 01:14:14
I'm giving a talk too (bottom of page).
2006-08-21 13:41:49
Looks like a fun trip.  Are you attending other sessions apart from the one you are presenting on Friday?

Oh, and next time you go somewhere, please don't turn off the lights as you leave - some of us are still working!  (You guessed it - the stats stopped yesterday).

Expect some very full ftp servers when you return. 
2006-08-21 16:50:46
Enjoy the trip
2006-08-21 17:57:00
Have fun
2006-08-21 22:46:23
The files are still being uploaded to Stephen's server, just the stats are knackered.  Looks like the server didn't want Stephen to leave and so went on strike . And have fun like the others said .
2006-08-22 10:23:18
Oddly enough the grafics for decayrotb seems to be current, though the update cycle is less frequent than usual.
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-25 19:15:28
They've got wireless in this meeting room.  Annoying that the stats have stopped again, though as someone else noticed, the totals appear to still be increasing, it's just the text files that aren't updating.  So I suspect a problem with FTP access to this website from RAL again.

My talk is this afternoon.  I'm attending mostly the 'machine' parallel session (the neutrino factory itself - there are separate sessions for the neutrino detector technology, the underlying fundamental physics and muon physics).
2006-08-25 21:41:58
stephen ever thought of installing remote desktop software on the machine that runs the statsgenerator
2006-08-31 21:39:47
hey stephen we want stats
2006-08-31 23:33:26
I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering what is going on
2006-09-01 09:54:00
I want too !!
2006-09-01 18:43:30
Yeah me want to plz!!
2006-09-01 19:39:29
and now we have to wait until the weekend is over
2006-09-02 10:15:56
Cool stats are back, thanx Stephen!! 
2006-09-02 12:08:37
Thanks for the stats Stephen
2006-09-02 15:15:26
Stephen I would like to know why you took 12,391,505 points OFF MY TOTAL I Must say I am VARY upset about this
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-07 10:43:31
Those points are back too!
2006-09-09 15:41:53
Hey that's great, but you didn't have to nick 40,082,349 from me to pay laurenu2 back

... thems stats is runnin on 2 1/2 weels.  Sumbody orta take the spud outa d tailpipe so d damn ting cn runs longer n praps uses a tank full before croakin
2006-09-09 17:02:33
Don't worry GOD he took them back and more But now I am only 730,232 behind you ha ha ha
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 21:20:39
GOD is about to run into the 2GB barrier as well (when the dust from the other stats crash settles), so there may be a glitch for you.  LaurenU2 already had this problem.  Where do you get all your computers from?!  I never thought I'd be receiving GIGABYTES of results from one user.

Anyway, I guess I've got to get "64bit enabled" but it's a kind of race against time as people will now start falling over the limit more rapidly.
2006-09-10 00:59:47
Quote SB = "Where do you get all your computers from?!  "

Well rumour has it Laurenu2 sells his body for Hardware.  :rofl: Part time Giggillo for the 'older' ladies
2006-09-10 01:00:37
I am just a home grown Pharmer I Have about 70 active PC's Only about 1/2 of thewm are working this project.  I get most of them in parts from sales at Microcenter and Fry's and build here
I think you would be in real trouble if I was in the IT field haha
2006-09-10 01:03:02
damn what kind of electric bill do you have, or have you youre own nuke.  center
2006-09-10 01:04:07
"" Well rumour has it Laurenu2 sells his body for Hardware.  :rofl: Part time Giggillo for the 'older' ladies ""
haha Riptide I only did that for my first 10 Pc's Now I hold up banks to pay the elect bill
2006-09-10 01:05:53
winther 600.00 summer 1100.00 A MONTH --> Cry
2006-09-10 01:11:15
he he Very good.  Man, I see you bills there.  Thats crazy.  Where i live its the other way around regarding the seasons.  Not as big either way though.  No AC needed here for Summer, except in offices etc.
2006-09-10 04:05:43
You try running 70 + nodes Riptide and see what your total will come to
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