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2006-09-08 07:15:31
Hi i have an idea for the stats could you add to the hour when the user last connected also the number of sended results?  like 5(20) -> 5 hours ago the user send 20 results ?  Is this Possible?

CYA Velo
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-08 17:32:58
I could do that, though I've just been rewriting the stats for more important issues.  First, a modification so it doesn't thrash this server's HDD so much, and then some sort of conversion to 64-bit to cope with users' large files (now >2G.

I might be able to put the "last received" information in after I've got that working.
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 21:24:24
Hmm due to unwanted smileyisation that now reads "more than 2 gigadudes".
2007-05-09 19:54:42
It would be vary nice if you could add a new total column ""total Mpts for the past 24 Hrs"" to your Stat page
As it stands right now unless you record day by day it is hard to tell if your Pharm in up or down
at any time

I am sure Other Teams and Member would love this and find the Stat page of Greater use then they are now
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-11 11:13:11
At the moment I log the totals for each optimisation but not really for each user... for the moment I won't do this, as some other sites that suck stats data from this one have a daily total function.
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