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2006-09-09 00:19:31
1) Stats show a lot of negatives.  Including mine.  Any reason?

2) This could be part reason for 1) above.  I accidentally uploaded same reults twice.  Well the second results.txt was the first results.txt with a little extra new work done.  So does the server recognise the duplication and amend thereafter?

2006-09-09 00:25:03
My stats just dropped from around 680,000 to 260,000. I've not done anything to cause this.  What happened?
2006-09-09 08:02:54
I've several millions missing and beeing shaved of the lattices lists, looks like all my results of the last several month were gone.
2006-09-09 10:16:03
My stats have dropped even further.  It shows I only have 32,000 MPTS
2006-09-09 13:04:18
whow stephen i've lost already 2.5 MPts.  i want them back
2006-09-09 13:43:21
Mmm I want mine back also..
2006-09-09 14:33:46
So do I. Now anyone want to answer pert 2 of my question?
2006-09-09 15:31:29
Yes [XS]riptide you were a bad boy thats why the points were taken
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 16:36:42
I'll put all these back where they were after the weekend - I "improved" the stats generator script and it's probably just adding up the wrong numbers when it updates people's scores.
2006-09-09 16:56:34
It's not adding Stephen it is subtracting I could not have sent in 18,000,000+ points in the past week!! 
2006-09-09 18:41:50
Lauren.  As you know I'm always a bad boy.  But I got deducted 250K results, but I only double uploaded approx 80k.

So to confirm.  1) I was a bad boy.  2) Double uploaded results will be taken off me (when this all pans out)?
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 21:17:18
I came in today and fixed a few more bugs that were apparent.  There will now be a pause while it does a full recount of the ~80GB of results database.

// [2/3] Append and count any pending files
for (n=files.m-1;n>=0;n--) if (fa[n].type==AddFile)
int un=fa[n].usern; char *addfile=fa[n].filename;
BMark b=getbmark(str2);
reparsecount.results=b.res; reparsecount.particles=b.particles; reparsecount.bestmuon=b.muons;
removerepeatsadd(addfile,str2,b.ofs,1,&succ); // <<<<<<<<<< WORMHOLE
b.res=reparsecount.results; b.particles=reparsecount.particles; b.muons=reparsecount.bestmuon;

The scary-looking crash that just happened was because the red line above was missing when I rearranged the script, meaning that the counters weren't started at your previous total before adding more files.  So anyone who sent any in apparently lost all their work.  I was a little concerned at this point in case it really HAD deleted your files (this happened before).

One advantage of the script rearrangement is that it now works more efficiently and that could let me get back to 1-hourly updates instead of the 2-3 hourly ones right now.
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 21:30:51
It looks like it'll take nearly 48 hours to recount everything!

Should be worth it to get rid of the silly backwards-counting stats counters though.
2006-09-09 23:41:40
48 hours?  Woah, that's a lot of statistic data!
2006-09-10 00:56:21
Stephen, whats the specs on your stats server?
2006-09-10 03:25:37
[qoute]""It looks like it'll take nearly 48 hours to recount everything!"" [/qoute]


We need to get you some of the X2 duel cores to speed things up and for the servers to coupe better

You should join Free-DC We will be giveing away a few X2's and other hardware in our X-Mas party Give A Way
2006-09-10 15:51:40
Really.  Can I have one.  Pwwweeeeezze!  I'll be good honest!! 
2006-09-10 16:27:42
Sorry riptide The Free-DC X-Mas Party Give A Way is for Free-DC members I know you would not want to betray XS for a few extra Ghz of power, now would you
And if you did join who would I have to taunt or pick At
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-11 10:29:10
--[Stephen, whats the specs on your stats server?]--

It's a dual Xeon 2.8GHz, but I suspect some of the time the hard drive is the bottleneck.  In fact, with the new "improved" stats there's less HDD work and more CPU used in doing the complicated checksum calculations, so it might be worth making the generator run multithreaded.

Task scheduler was set to restart it if it ran for more than 10 hours, I've just switched that off, so unfortunately it's ~48 hours from this morning...
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-11 10:29:51
Other than that it appears to be parsing as intended, though.
2006-09-11 14:21:21
[Quote=Laurenu2] Sorry riptide The Free-DC X-Mas Party Give A Way is for Free-DC members I know you would not want to betray XS for a few extra Ghz of power, now would you
And if you did join who would I have to taunt or pick At[/quote]

Nah.  I wouldn't betray.  Maybe a Kentsfield (or two) might do the trick. 

And something tells me if i did join, the picking and taunting would be as colourful as ever
2006-09-12 00:57:10
Well Riptide if you did join us we could gang up on some of your old team mates and pull the 1 2 punch on them..
That might be Fun to watch!!
And judging by your output you could make use of a Free-DC Give A Way
( Remember it's OK to poke at you until you Join Free-DC) he he J/J !(*_*)!
2006-09-12 13:15:34
"And judging by your output you could make use of a Free-DC Give A Way".... ooooohhh cheap shot!  Well if Mr brooks got the damn servers fixed you'd see that my output is a l;ittle more respectable.  BTW i only joined DPAD like 2 weeks ago!
I'd make use of a Give A Way anywhere.  I'd make use of a Give A Way at a second hand Laungerie factory :rofl:
2006-09-12 14:37:36
See Riptide you relay need to Join Free-DC so you can learn to use a Computer in the right way... A Laungerie factory is not one of them, Way way to many wasted cycles wasted And before you ask No a computer dose not make a good coffee maker or waffle iorn he he
2006-09-12 17:46:34 Trust me You can get lingerie! Tastes good too..........

Dunno what a waffle iorn is!

At XS we use computers the ONLY way.  The Xtreme Way.  (Making coffee is not xtreme though...just had to say that)
2006-09-12 19:38:50
Is the current recount final?
I'm still missing a million, not that I give a damn on a million or 2, but I was just about passing the 50 million mark as the darn stats glitch happened, it really didn't make my day so to speak.
Stephan Hermens[RKN]
2006-09-12 23:41:15
The stats update still exhibits the problem of setting the total to the last upload, instead of the sum:

Before the stats recount I had 2653 simulations (96170.0 Mpts) for PhaseRotD,
After this upload (only PhaseRotD):
20060912-191205 31 results sent to
20060912-191225 24 results sent to
I dropped to 24 simulations (2508.7 Mpts) for PhaseRotD

Stephen Brooks
2006-09-13 11:28:52
I think I know what the Stephan Hermens error is, working on a solution.  Basically I think it's resetting the counter when it re-indexes a file instead of adding up the whole thing again.
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