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2006-09-09 04:02:26
Hi, I'm pretty new to muon1 (been running it for an hour each day: I use multiple distributed computing programs to help as much as I can each day ).  Anyways, most of them have about the same settings but muon1 is unique and I was wondering if someone could provide a description of each available setting, recommend a setting, or also any way I could optimize things for best performance (if there are any) and also to simply refer me to a site that provides some or all of what I'm looking for, I've already looked through Overkill's explanations but it wasn't specific enough for me.  I figure that knowing what system i'm running for this so here's what I can think of to say at the moment:

2 usable Hard Drives (Windows Installation on C: C is 250GB and D is 160G
Windows XP Pro
Using ZoneAlarm and Avast!  Antivirus 24/7
1023 MB of memory
Intel Pentium 4 Processor (Multithread: 2 that can use SSE, SSE2, MMX) (3192 MHz)
Cable Internet Connection
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-09 21:23:37
It's designed to run "out of the box", really.  As long as it says "detected 2 logical processors" at the beginning of the commandline client that means it's found your P4's HT function and will generate two threads.

There are various settings for upload/download handing.  I've set them to my preferred defaults in the package you download, but you can change them for other situations e.g. a dialup computer you might want to stop it contacting the server for samplefiles and sending stuff.
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