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2006-09-13 09:44:41
Before you did your backup/restore or whatever it was, I had 6900556.4, and that doesn't include the 1915 results that were uploaded to on 9-9-06. Now I have 4702976.7.
2006-09-13 12:01:24
All files were received complete and uploaded fine to Stephen's server.  Since I noticed PhaserotD has a new better result (it's in the sample file) but doesn't show up on the statspage I guess there's still something buggy in there.
2006-09-13 14:16:39
So does this mean that there is a problem on my end, or is the problem still on Stepen's end?
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-13 17:12:26
You might have to re-send the results that went in the few days when the stats server was having trouble.  Do this by taking the tail end of your results.dat (your estimate of it covering the results back to that date) and renaming it results.txt, then sending it in by running manualsend.bat.

If that doesn't fix it, it might be an indexing problem and I'll get it to re-count your files.
2006-09-14 07:09:19
It's certainly a different problem.  I'm missing over a million, that would be currently my work for approx a month or so.  My results.dat never last that far back to just resend the stuff and let the dupe checker filter it out. 
Stephen Brooks
2006-09-14 12:37:47
I'm going to make it recount all your results again... you may have hit an indexing error that I've now fixed, removing the results for one entire lattice.
2007-04-25 07:53:17
What happend Stephen, DPAD in one day took 26,844,772 points from my acount.  Did I hit another DPAD D/B limit ?
Please put back the 26,844,772 points you took from my acount

Is anyone else missing there output?
2007-04-26 05:51:07
Laurenu2, I just took a small sampling of some of those pesky crunchers on TeamAnandtech [TA] (myself included) and some others on other teams and did not notice any negative discrepency of their stats.  Was is just you on your team (FreeDC) or a smattering across the teams? 

Noticed that you got your points back (whew!) so I am glad that [TA] will not be advancing so rapidly on a technicallity on you guys (and dolls). 

BTW, I have enjoyed your banter on dpad posts very much!  Keep it up...Keeps that 50 year old sludge I call blood circulating in my [TA] heart.
Stephen Brooks
2007-04-27 12:37:20
I think the stats counter crashed on one of the runs (file access conflict or something, maybe it was trying to do a backup) in the middle of your file.  So it mis-counted until it next updated your file with new results, appears to have fixed itself.  You will get a bigger than average share of this sort of bug as your file is larger
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