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2002-08-29 13:43:02
I tried to speed up my client because it was going really slowly by restarting it, but when I did, for some resaon it lost 2.4 percent of the humons and it was right at the end of the unit.  I would have had the highest result unless something was wrong with the result itself.  It went from over 2.7 percent to 0.363 when I restarted it.  What could have caused that?
2002-08-29 13:53:20
Most muons are lost at the chiane (the bending part) such that the percentage rises at first, then crashes at the end.
2002-08-29 13:56:50
No, you don't understand.  The particles were EXITING the end of the chicane at the end of the unit and it was going slow so I restarted it.  There was a showing of over 2.7 percent there.  All I did was restart it and then only 0.363 showed up when nothing else changed.  The unit was almost done when I restarted the program itself.
2002-08-29 14:10:35
In the result.txt and result.dat after the result in question was finished those 2 files both show the result as absolutely zero.  Something is definitely wrong.  A restart at the end should not do that.
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