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2006-11-28 21:51:23
Is Stephen perhabs on vacation?  Or have he shout down the project completely?
2006-11-30 08:31:05
He is currently re-designing the results database and said it could take several weeks to complete. 
2006-12-01 15:54:40
"" and said it could take several weeks to complete.  ""

Well it has been that and in a few days it will top a Month (*_*)

A update by Stephen as to his progress would go a long way
toward renewing members commitment to this project.

Leaving members in the dark for so long is not a good practice
in the DC world
2006-12-01 21:43:11
jap updates are more importend that the speed of coding =)
2006-12-03 03:26:43
LOL.. you said it!  Remember -- that's "several weeks" in MIS time... not necessarily several contiguous weeks!!

function (time_frame) {

$programmer_time = $time_frame;

$user_time = $programmer_time * 2.5;

return $user_time;


Stephen Brooks
2006-12-04 14:46:20
Sorry for the delay, I was actually ill in October so let the stats get in a state, now I'm just in the process of fixing them back up.

So far, I've got it to count the database again, with the *exception* of the new archived files for users such as LAURENU2 and [ARS]GOD who have more than 2GB in any one directory.  I've created sequences of new files for those people, but need now to make the generator also count those and add them in to the stats total.
2006-12-05 15:07:30
G'Day stranger! 

Glad you're still kicking and exerting a field effect somewhere on the planet!

Do you need some more data?  I've got a little bit left. 
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-05 16:24:41
It's coming soon, I'll let you know when I'm accepting more data.  Might do a run-with-downloads tonight actually, just to relieve the clogged FTP servers!
2006-12-05 21:41:36
thanks for the update =)
2006-12-06 07:11:29
Thanks for the update Stephen
I have about a gig of files to send Are you OK to recive them?  Or should I wait to Uploade them
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-06 10:30:50
Oops, it looks like my "run-with-downloads" also did an unintended upload.  So people with the large files won't have the correct scores!

LaurenU2, send them in - I'm going to set this partial stats generator running hourly just to receive results, with the stats for the bigger accounts being corrected when I write a part of the script to add the archived files into the totals.
2006-12-07 14:32:15
Hi Stephen
Sorry I think I busted your partial stats generator again . I guess it could not handle all the 20 meg files I was sending.

The stats stopped updating just after my first uploads to you .

Either you need to bigger servers or I need to get smaller PC's
2006-12-08 11:23:23

Good to hear from ya Stephen ,I hope the illness was nothing much.
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-08 12:53:59
It's actually just me stopping the generator, I'm working on it again.  Actually I also I think I've found a way to get the "big" files added to the totals, so with any luck we might be back in business soon.

The illness was shingles, a lot of blisters etc. but only slightly painful.  The main thing that threw me is that it affects your psychology as well, so I was getting episodes of depression (lasting about 2 days) and anxiety (lasting about 2 hours), which basically took away my motivation for doing anything - I was glad just to get through the day, let alone do anything useful!
2006-12-15 12:16:26
Nasty!  ,glad your better & good to see DPAD back up
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