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2006-12-09 02:06:51
It seems I've been running DPAD and submitting results without using my team name.  If you could add DragonOrta to DragonOrta [XtremeSystems], that would be awesome.  Thanks!
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-11 11:48:35
OK, just make sure you've got it also changed in all the user.txt files you are running with.
2007-01-07 23:37:07
Stephen, would you kindly merge Richard Greatorex and [Crunchers Inc]Rgtx.  Thanks.
2007-01-08 00:59:45
I should add, [Crunchers Inc]Rgtx is the preferred name.
Stephen Brooks
2007-01-08 16:06:12
OK, that should appear in the stats soon.
2007-01-08 19:59:07
Thanks Stephen.
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-08 11:49:35
2007-05-08 19:23:27
Hi Stephen,

Is it possible to change my name [DPC]Insanti into [DPC]iNSaNiTi without losing results ?
I dont have a back-up from my results.dat anymore, but i looked up into an old one and i saw not only results from myself but also from others (it looked like samplefile results) btw is this normal ?

Let me know please but dont change anything yet allright


Stephen Brooks
2007-05-09 17:19:58
Results from others will get into results.dat (in old versions or if your samplefile handling is cumulative) but not results.txt, so they will not normally be sent.

I don't know how the windows filing system will react to me just changing the *case* of your username.  I suppose I can give it a try...
2007-05-09 18:59:00

Tnkz for the name change but i said dont change anything yet.
Didnt u read that part Stephen ?
Dont worry im not mad rather happy

I didnt get the part : ''The program also informs me your real name is "..... .......", cleverer than it looks...''
Do u mean that my name is beautiful/awefull ?
Or is it not smart from me to use that name ?
Maybe u mean that ur program is smart ?

My english is very weak u know

And can u edit my name in your post please .... so its not complete anymore.
I want to stay anonymous as possible u see
2007-05-09 19:07:31
Another thing, my flushed points (56.443) from today are gone

Old :

today : 56.433 Insaniti
total : 9.880.603 Insaniti

The link to killerog stats :

New :

total : 9.838.934 iNSaNiTi

My new name is correct and the old is gone, so that part is allright.
What to do for the missing results from today ?

Tnkz in advance

2007-05-09 19:27:05
Ow im sorry but its actually 41669 missing points

(is there any edit function here ?)
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-10 09:32:03
I don't know where the missing points have gone, perhaps they are just delayed rather than missing.

I knew changing the case wouldn't really affect anything, so I did it anyway.

The name-merging script happened to spit out your old username because you'd (a long time ago) renamed yourself to [DPC]Insaniti and I made the script check for previous history!
2007-05-10 13:50:55
Allright i get it

Howlong can the possible delay dure ?
Im still sending results isnt that gonna mess up my ''delayed'' results as they arnt dalayed but missing ?

Me keepz on spotting @ stats page
2007-05-10 22:25:18
My lost points havn't found there way yet.
Im like a lil cry baby stephen but, your my only ''human'' option (the other option is trying to re-send as many results but the prob is some results are from other machines and i dont know them exactly)
So me keep lay low till u come by oke >? 

Stephen Brooks
2007-05-11 11:10:28
If you know which machine uploaded the results that didn't get through, you can send some from there again (the stats program will remove repeats within your own file).  Does it have a sendlog.txt file?  That should have details of all the uploads the client thinks have been successful.

Occasionally delayed points may be sitting on an FTP server that has stopped responding to the datacenter's requests for results.  But in that case other people might have also noticed.  In that case, if I can work out which server it is (and the sendlog will tell me), it will let your results through when it comes back online.

Sending additional results shouldn't "destroy" the delayed ones!
2007-05-11 11:55:23
Roger that, im gonna try to re-send em again.
Tnkz for your info and time.
Now know i a lil more about how the dalyed results part works
2007-05-11 12:36:55
By the way the server where i send to is @ 2007.05.09 - 00.15 25 - 62 results
2007-05-11 14:49:19
My server has no backlog and your file was received from you and sent to Stephen succesfully (checked my logs).  Probably something else went wrong I guess =).
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-12 22:21:19
So has the second send of it come through?
2007-05-13 00:40:39
Yes it did, but not completely (+- 2000) because it became from another machine.  And i cant get to it but maybe tommorow i will.
Tnkz for asking Stephen... everthing is oke now !
Stephen Brooks
2007-06-04 11:17:30
OK, see if that has worked (might take one or two stats updates to appear).
Stephen Brooks
2007-06-10 19:02:24
I'm going to trust for now that these are all the same person
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