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2007-01-03 05:08:14
Just wondering if all the ftp servers got rid of their cached files....

My numbers seem a little low, maybe I didnt get the right points reading from moun cockpit...

Just wondering, no problems if they havent all dumped.
2007-01-03 07:51:23
All are empty except mine, half of the files are still cached.  Just be patient .
2007-01-03 09:23:07
No I want them NOW, HE HE HE HE
Stephen Brooks
2007-01-03 10:37:22
Xanathorn's is still "catching up": you can see on the graphs the gradient is higher than usual, as it's trying to get back to the trend.
2007-01-03 17:27:04
The server's empty now so keep on crunching .
2007-01-03 18:46:27
Same here... all of the results have been taken by the datacenter.
2007-01-21 07:58:37
Had a little problem with a DVD-ROM drive that committed Seppuku ... the server, taking great exception to this protested by sending the web and ftp servers to their respective corners.. not allowing connections.  The hardware issue has been resolved and everything is back up and running.  Please let me know if there are any difficulties connecting to the services.
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